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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hi Guys

Before I leave for the NEW YEAR Kuwait show, I wanted to leave a message of love n peace n wishes for a great new year to all !! Hoping for the best for RAHLAAP and for the release of our FIRST ALBUM without further delays. We need your prayers too!! :) WISHING YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN LIFE!



Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi Guys

Its been tough few months for me with all the shows, recordings, shoot schedules and album preparations. The website was also on UPDATE mode and now its almost ready and we have shifted our whole site to a server that will be faster and will allow us to update more audio-visual content.

SO GUYS PLS FROM NOW ON CONTACT ME ON The site will be ready in a week's time!!

I wont be using this page too long...!!

See you all there!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008 going live!!!

Hi Everybody!!!!!!!!!

A BIGGGGGGG SORRRRY for not updating my blog so long.. I was really held up with things and also apprehensive on whether ppl would read it :P but i find so many comments and i really am happy to see so much action here..

First of all a good news.. im a step closer to finishing up my Hindi/Tamil Album. I have launched my website - It is named after my band (duo of Aalaap Raju and myself Rahul Nambiar). Pls note I have done this website on my own and its a STATIC website as of now.. The action there has still not started.. ive just put some info on us and our work. We will soon get to work and make it a really lively site so that musicians and non musicians can intereact with each other, collaborate etc.! It'll be a lot of fun and a never before kind of a thing!! So pls hold on!! :)))

A Biggggggggggg thanks to all those who wrote their comments. I want you guys to just go to my website and send me a message through our website (Contact us) so that I add you email address for future mailers on updates and news!! :) Trust me we'll be making it more exciting and I will start blogging LOT more often - not only music but on various other things that we go thru in our life... and yes it wont be boring ;)

Cheerrrssss and Love you All!!!!

Rahul Nambiar

PS: Meanwhile any web geeks out there who would want to work with us to get this website up, running and yes def make it very exciting, do contact me :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

NOW . . Happy Life...

Ever wondered why life's the way it is? I have..!! a lot..!!! But its changing... it used to be a million questions that start with 'why'... why has this happened to me? why does it have to be this way? why not this way?

We base our life around the Why question... and try to answer it with the limited analytical capacity of our brains... which is wholly influenced by our experiences in life and the half baked knowledge we gathered. Will you ever get a right answer to it then? Whats the use pondering then... mere waste of time! why why why.... if we sit and answer them... doesn't it create a myopic view of life?

When you tell someone - 'You would never realise what I go through....' well ..DUH! yes... only You can realise what you go through.... nobody else on this planet can realise that... Why is there a need to make others understand how you go through life? Does it do you any good...? If you suffer, would you be satisfied if the other also suffers? Would you then tend to believe... oh thank god..there's another person who's suffering like me.. and that makes you feel better? That's how this whole planet's emotional world has been running so long... Yes my eyes did open up when Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was talking about life and how we look at it.. infact this topic is dust size infront of what all he can talk about.. small things like this emerged out of it... but makes me look stupid at how i lived my life... They are so Harshly true...

So where's happiness then in life...?? I thought it was if i'd score well in 12th... i did... was happy for half a day.. i thought it would be when i win Sapthaswarangal... yes i did... happiness, it lasted few first job, my dual PG degrees, my first salary, my first Song, my first song payment, my first Hit Song, my first Car.. (hello that should've made me happy) yes it did it... but everything was so damn short lived!!!!

There's no end to being happy.... happiness is part of life.. We cant seek happiness. .. its there even in sadness.. (remember happy cry kinds...) only thing we ignore it... nothing can make us happy.. but if we look at it a different way, everything can make us happy. Living for NOW, making sure that NOW makes us happy.... then why would we ever be in a state of sadness or disappointment.... I'm not reviewing anything from what Sadhguruji said... these are my experiences... but it treads on a path similar to what He says... and similar to what YOU tread on... except we simple beings like to go out of the way on 'kachcha' road and then occasionally come back on 'pakka' road.

Ive seen many of my friends and loved ones suffer. Thank god that Ive not had anything concrete to say Ive had a bad life.... although there is one... but Ive begun to live with it.. yet its influences linger and yet if i just think of NOW... i can be happy.. if we live in past.. or dream of future.., remember the whole of beautiful present is just flying past you at an unimaginable rate of speed! You can be happy now... no use saying you were happy or you will be ... what matters to a human.. is that you are Happy right now!

Think about it...................

PS: I'M not here to teach anything... I'm not trying to influence anybody... these were all of my thoughts post and prior being with Isha Yoga camp (which was hardly 7 days). All I'm saying is we as gentle human beings... need to open up to a world where we can be really happy. The age old adage of 'need for guru' is still applicable! For any of you who think im lost... i'd liek to tell them.... i've not become eccentric...nor am i trying to be a saint.... I am still the same Rahul... Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is not GOD to me... he's definitely up there to me as a Guru... im the last person who would follow anybody or anything... but when someone truely shows you a way of life.. that YOU truly wish for... it really has an impact. Hence a few words about one who i really think is making a huge difference to a lot of ppl:

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - A yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. His life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is a not an esoteric discipline from an outdated past, but a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. For more details visit (This form of yoga - is NOT CULT, RELIGIOUS or a BELIEF SYSTEM, if it was i would've been the first to back out!!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

My First Ever Blog


Ahem! Check Check.. 1 million, 2 million, 3 million :P (in Warren Buffet style)

Like..... ive seen many a personal blogs.. with all those really personal details... But somehow i dont find this comfortable enough to rant about personal stuff. But this could be my first ever (not-so) personal diary. i've never had one (not even a hard copy). i want to talk to the world when i get my music album out. Blogging, i find is the best way to talk to ppl who want to talk to you, or who think they should to you, or who think they just HAVE to talk to you, or who care a damn about who you are and need to tell you something about what ever you have typed on this page!

so WHO am i? yes, i and not I (these days I sounds too egoistic to me). i am a professional singer (singing for Tamil n Telugu movies; occasionally Malayalam movies). i sing (or try to ) in as many styles as possible. Versatility is important and diversification is the best shield to this risky profession :P

My training?? - 1 yr carnatic (in 1994), 6 months hindusthani (2000) and 6 months western (since 2007)! i've been in the music industry for barely 2 years, but ive been with music all my life, but ive taken it serious only in these last 2 yrs. no more buts.

All my talent is god given, and ive occasionally taken the pain to sharpen my talent. :P So thank you GOD! Before i became a singer i finished my bare minimum education (in today's times). iam an M.Com and MBA post grad. i've also worked for 2 yrs (Scope international, HDFC BANK etc). Music i s almost life to me since it pulled me out of a 16-18hr work schedule and landed me in studios around chennai singing for some of the best music directors - Manisarma, Vijay Anthony, GV Prakash, Vidyasagar, Yuvan, Karthik Raja and (omg recently) Ilayaraja Sir!

Right now im also working on a hindi/tamil music album and we are looking for sponsors - financial, album label, music video directors/producers, ppl who can handle the non-musical portions of an album... who ever you are, we'd be pleased, greatful, thankful, and most importantly - investable to them!!

Everything's been a dream...i've been living it....again thank you GOD... coz.. ive not approached ONE person! and thank you MOM n DAD.... though i dont express it to them, they are my lifeline. Wht i am now has a lot to do with wht they have done all thier life..... this feeling is not new to a lot of ppl .. BUT its every bit worth repeating.

Am slightly modest for my own liking (especially being this field, where self promotion is everything), and my modesty could be plain boring on a medium like this.... so ill try as much to shun that. :P right now my modesty meter is in red and ill pause here!!

Before i log off and shutdown.. for those interested in hearing my voice, here's a list of my songs:

Vasantha Mullai – Pokkiri
Para Para Pattaampoochi - Tamil MA
Kaatraage Kadal – Veyyil
Yenthan Vaanamum Neethan – Vaazhthugal
Naathana Naanthana - Ninaithaley
Boomikku Velicham- Dishyum
Oh Baby - Malaikottai
Sooriyane - Vellithirai
Vandhuttaanda Kaalai - Kaalai
Chattuputtu - Nenjil Jil Jil
Entha Kuthirayil - Sathum Podaathay
Kadatheran Naan Unnai - thottal poo malarum
Nanga College - Aadatha Aattamellam
Airam Jannal - VEL

Priyatama - Ullasamga Uthsahamga
Maati maatiki - Ullasamga Uthsahamga
Dannaley Thaalley - Ullasamga Uthsahamga
Aa Aaa Ee Eee - Okkamagaadu
I Go Crazy - Kantri
Manakanna Podiche - Parugu
Adigadigo Toofan- Lakshmi Putrudu
Valla Valla - Athidi
Prema Prema - TOSS
Valentine - Madhumasam
Maro Maro - Chirutha
Yo Baby- Bhayya
Andaalane Andistha - Pourudu
Nee Jimmada - Ontari
Bommani Chusaaka - Ramudu Manchi Baludu

Ee Raavil - Mulla
Mayakudirayil - Kelkaatha Shabdam

(Yet to be released)Dekho Mere Gaon Mein - Pyar Ki Kushti (MD: Srinivas)

Alaipayuthey (Jaya TV)
Arasi Maavale- Malargal (Sun TV)

Jingles (Latest):
Arun Ice Creams, Samsung Flat TV, AVS college
DISNEY Alladin (All songs relating to the character - GENIE in Tamil and Telugu)
Chennai Super Kings Anthem (Manisarma)
Chennai Super Kings Song (GV PRAKASH)
Ads for products like Dhothis, Biscuits, Bikes, Sarees, Colleges etc...